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Urban development

In the last century, we saw rapid urbanization across the Globe, urban development is the indication of upgradation of cities and reduction in poverty. ShriShri is committed in developing urban infrastructure to give the people a better life.


We execute our project within milestone by minute planning, adopting latest technology & Worldcalss workmanship.


We help clients lead in their industry, to improve performance and explore new growth opportunities.

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Wide variety of Urban Developement

Governmet Buildings

Developing the most modern buildings for the Government which eventually leads to upgradation of public offices.

Institutional Developement

Institutional Development with the latest design and utilities is our speciality and its an important part of National Development.

Industrial Developement

It is the most sensational and ambitious matter, it leads to the success of Vocal for Local Mission.


As a developer we discharge our primary responsibility by compulsorily upgrading the lifestyle of the residents moving to our projects.

Commercial Developemet

New commercial development leads to the bigger market place for the products of the Nation; Prosperity.

Landscaping and theme parks

It is a passion to develop the parks with amusement and natural elements, it give an enormous positivity to the projects and lives.

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Emilia Clarke
Mr. Devendra Fandnavis
"The group has completed the Jamner BOLT project with an extraordinary workmanship and quality, I wish to shift Mantralaya here at these buildings. It is proud to see such developments in our State which leads to overall development of the cities."
Emilia Clarke
Mehta Estate
Real Estate Consultant
"Patience, No shortcuts, Very well thought out, Clear Milestones , Deadline & Fastwork. and articulate communication. Clear milestones, deadlines and fast work. The best part... always solving problems with great original ideas!."